About us

Grace Health Tourism has been established by an interpreter who worked in several hospitals in the UK for many years. With this experience, our company provides a high quality service which is elegantly presented as a medical holiday at very competitive prices.

We can turn your medical treatment into a medical holiday. When you choose your medical plan, you can use a medical service provider who will arrange all of your flights, accommodation and surgery for you.  Grace Health Tourism is a Medical provider that has thoroughly checked the surgeon’s credentials, qualifications and the standard of hospital and clinic facilities. We offer a wide range of cities, hospitals and clinics that provide high quality service, affordable dentistry, plastic surgery, hair transplantation, IVF treatment, orthopedic surgery and laser eye surgery with no waiting times and significant financial savings in Turkey. We ensure you receive the best holiday package with the best medical care experience. We arrange the following:

Patient Coordinator: Once you inform us of your flight details, your patient coordinator will welcome you at the airport and assist you until you are ready to go home.

Accommodation: We can arrange your accommodation at a 3-star, 4-star, 5-star hotel or organic farms. 

Holiday: If you decide to extend your stay in Turkey, we can arrange your holiday. We can organize cultural tours, shopping tours and organic holiday.